Eye Love Fall

Hey, hello, hi, it’s been a while.

It’s been too long since I’ve sat down and wrote an outfit post for you all. But today, I’m coming at you live from my worn in couch at home. Yesterday, I went out and did a mini photo shoot with my sister. I was feeling the fall mood, even though it was a little gloomy outside.

So, lets get into the outfit details.

Floral. Not always my go-to for fall, but my floral shirt exudes dark colors and a comfortable fall feel.

I paired the long sleeve blouse from Charlotte Russe with ankle length jeans from White House Black Market. I absolutely love the intricate detailing at the hem of the jeans, making it a unique touch to the outfit. The jeans complemented the top perfectly.

Lastly, I added brown suede heels to finish the outfit. The outfit is the perfect transition into the cool weather!


End-of-Summer OOTD

As the last days of summer come to a close, it’s important to wear your tanks and shorts for the last time around. It’s sad to say goodbye to summer, but c’mon, nothing beats wearing sweaters and booties in fall.

But, let’s not rush into fall just yet.

I’m savoring all of summer by wearing shorts and a breezy tank top. My high-waisted black shorts are from Charlotte Russe. Not only are they cute, but they are also comfortable and stretchy. My top is from Hollister and is very feminine and girly. To add some edge to the outfit, I tied a purple bandanna around my neck. I pulled the outfit together with brown sandals from Meijer, my Ray-Ban sunnies, and go-to watch.

I have been OBSESSED with bandannas recently and am excited to incorporate them into my fall wardrobe. Be sure to enjoy the last few days of summer up until fall!

~xo ritz


Den·im (n.): a sturdy cotton twill fabric, typically blue, used for jeans, overalls, and other clothing.

I’m going to be starting a new series on my blog: 2017 Trends.

Every so often, I’ll cover a new trend, from sneakers to denim to off-the-shoulder tops. This week it’s being designed for denim.

Anyone and everyone can rock denim. It’s versatility makes it a staple in every closet. Jean jackets can make you look effortlessly cool, jean skirt can make you look trendy and show off your legs, and jean shorts are the simply the comfiest item that look good on everyone. Don’t be afraid to try out new outfits with denim already in your closet; be daring and confident in what you wear! Always remember, when in doubt, wear denim; it’s classic, chic, and comfortable.

Denim. It’s everywhere. Denim jackets, denim skirts, denim dresses, denim caps.

Denim is the new black.

It has taken the fashion industry by storm and been worn by every celebrity, stylist, and the bourgeoisie. It’s easy to see why. It’s comfortable, stylish, and trendy.

(psa: I hyperlinked the pieces (or similar ones) I wore.)


My personal favorite way of wearing denim is the classic denim jacket. The denim jacket I’m wearing is from Abercrombie & Fitch (I couldn’t find it, so I linked similar ones below). It’s slightly distressed and has a worn in feel. I love to style my denim jacket with casual dresses orwith shorts\jeans. Jean jackets are perfect for the transition into fall, as well. I styled my denim jacket with black and white pin striped shorts from Charlotte Russe, a white tee from TJMaxx, and brown sandals (which were my friend’s).

Denim Jacket Links:

American Eagle



Another way I style denim is by wearing a denim skirt. I got my denim skirt from Forever 21 for $12! There are so many styles of denim skirts, like buttons down the middle or two toned denim. Whichever style you prefer, know that denim skirts can easily be dressed up or down. For example, you can dress it up by wearing an off-the-shoulder top, like I did below, which makes the outfit look classy. The top is from Forever 21 and only $8.

Or, you can make if casual by wearing a fun tank top. My tank top is from TJMaxx (a similar one: SheIn).

Similar Denim Skirt Links:

Forever 21

Another Forever 21


Of course, the most classic way to wear denim is denim shorts – aka my favorite. Denim shorts can be paired with anything and everything. They are so versatile and easy to wear. My denim shorts are from H&M and were $10. The other two shorts I am wearing are from Aeropostale.

Similar Denim Shorts Links:



Denim is a way of life. It’s the easies piece to throw on, but gives of the chicest vibe.

Ihope you enjoyed my first trend review! Stay tuned for another one:)

~xo ritz


One of the main attractions where I live is a retro ice cream/food joint. The outside of the restaurant is covered in murals and highway signs, with fake tractors and trucks surrounding the place. To fit the vibe, there are two fake gas pumps near the entrance. Heading inside, an array of ice cream flavors and fried food options greet you. The inside walls are filled with an assortment of light up signs and more highway decor. Fake coca-cola machines and a jukebox add to the retro feel. The cute restaurant is usually packed around lunch hour, but my friend and I managed to take plenty of pictures (mostly without embarrassing ourselves – but that's what you do for an insta, am I right?).

Sidenote, make sure to follow my main Instagram account, @ritika.mehta, and my blog account, @sinfullychic_, to check out more photos from the shoot.

Anyways, this was my friend's first time coming to eat here, and she loved it. We both got ice cream and fries – so healthy, I know. I ate a delicious scoop of graham cracker chocolate ice cream with a side order of fries. We decided to sit outside because the place was too cute not too. After chatting and eating, we took out the DSLR camera and started clicking away.

Let me tell ya, photo shoots with your friends are seriously so much fun. You get to spend time together AND get some bomb Instagram posts for your feed. I first took pictures of me and my fries, obviously, and then went for a coffee/café vibe.

It was getting pretty hot outside, so we took our shoot inside. I posed next to the fun, retro decor while adults and kids watched my friend snap pictures with her big camera. Kind of awkward, but worth it. We alternated taking photos of each other and returned outside because the lighting was amazing. I found a fun Coca-Cola sign, a perfect brick wall, and two fake gas pumps to take pictures with. It was so much fun posing and hanging out with my friend!

Outfit Details:

For my outfit, I wore a denim skirt and a purple off the shoulder top, both from Forever 21. I kept the outfit simple by wearing black flip flops from Charlotte Russe and my gold bar necklace.

~xo ritz

Chilly Summer Day OOTD

It was a rather chilly summer day, so I found one of my mesh sweatshirts and decided to style it. I went to Italy for spring break and picked up this black mesh sweatshirt from Alcott. I absolutely love the style of the shirt and the phrase written in it, because who doesn't love fashion week?
I added hoop earrings to edge up the outfit, but then wore jean shorts to make it a bit more causal. The outfit is perfect when it is a bit more cool outside but you still wanna show some skin!

~xo ritz

Summer Stylin’

Summer reminds me of light colors, denim shorts, and strappy sandals. I had a photoshoot with my friends, and we went for a blue and white theme.
This outfit make me think of the perfect summer outfit, very relaxed and happy.
I wore blue and white striped shorts from Charlotte Russe, a white tee from TJMaxx, brown sandals from who-knows-where, and my friend's ripped denim jacket from Abercrombie and Fitch.

~xo, ritz

A Chill Day

Living in a small town, there's not much to do. My cousin was in town, so I decided to take her to the downtown area. Of course, the day we went, it was practically deserted, with only a few elderly people strolling around. We wanted to check out this cute cafe, but it was closed (why does this happen to me). Near the cafe, there was a bright colored mural, so we decided to take some cute pictures. The wall complemented my outfit perfectly.

I wore black shorts from H&M, a tank top from Macy's, and my usual black bag.

After taking a million pictures, we head out to the nearest gas station to buy slushies. The weather felt like a 100 degrees so we quickly went back to my house to watch some PLL. I know, I know, I'm late on watching it. It was a rather chill day.

~xo, ritz