Casual Outfit for Summer

When you’re out ‘n about, you want to wear something that comfy but cute. I am going to show you a super cute outfit that’s perfect for a daytime look. 

I’m wearing these regular waisted Aeropostale shorts, which are super comfy and cute. I paired it with a black tank top from Hollister and black flip flops. I wore a black braleete underneath. The outfit is super casual, yet cute. 

~ xo ritz

The Windy City

I got to spend a couple of days in the Windy City with my sister, mom, and aunt. We went shopping (a lot) and relaxed in chi-town. I documented my trip (and outfits) to share with you!!

The Drive

We made the five hour drive to our hotel starting at 8am. We reached the hotel around lunch time and settled in before heading to the airport to pick up my aunt-she was arriving from Hong Kong. It was great catching up with her for a while. In the evening, we headed out the fashion outlet to browse the shops and explore the city. 

Magnificent Mile

The next day, we hopped on an Uber and headed on out to Magnificent Mile to partake in some intense shopping. I picked up some fun pieces from Zara and H&M, which I’m sure will appear on my Instagram later. After hours of shopping, I bought my usual Double Chocolate Chip Frappucino to rejuvenate myself, and went on shopping with my family until later at night. We stopped by and got some Indian food for dinner and ubered back to our hotel. I hit the pillow, fell asleep, and prepared myself for the next day. 

Financial District

We ended up going to see Baby Driver at the nearby theatre. I would definitely recommend seeing this movie! It was action, comedy, and music all in one. My sister and I walked around the Financial Park for a little bit, and then went to meet my mom and aunt at the mall because the heat was too sweltering to bare.

Millenium Park | Navy Pier

Our last day in Chicago consisted of walking around Millenium Park and riding the Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier. It was my favorite day because we got to sight see and hang out with the family.

See ya later, chi-town. 


F L O R I D A ☀️

This past week, I went to Orlando, Florida for five days for a national competition. We stayed at the All Star Disney Music Resort, which was amazing because I had never stayed at a Disney affiliated hotel before. During our stay, we took a ton of pictures at the picturesque hotel, went shopping at Disney Springs, and spent the day at Universal. 

Our Hotel

There were more colored walls than I could count, so that meant a bunch of pictures opportunities and a poppin’ Instagram. The beautiful scenery that encompassed the resort made it the perfect picture location. We also had two pools, shaped like a guitar and piano, which we used for late night swims. 

Disney Springs

Disney Springs was a fun adventure. We ate at Rainforest Cafe and Wolfgang Puck (delicious food, lemme tell ya). We shopped around at the numerous stores that lined the streets, and then got a delicious chocolate cupcake from Sprinkles. And if that wasn’t enough chocolate, the next day, my friend and I shared a huge chocolate milkshake from the famous Planet Hollywood. 

Universal: Islands of Adventure 

An amusemt park, aka my happy place. I love love love going on big roller coasters, so Universal was a blast for me. I went on literally all the rides and got soaked as well. From superheroes, to cartoons, to Harry Potter world, I saw and enjoyed it all. 

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G R A D U A T I O N 

High school is over. It’s time for new beginnings and new adventures. What awaits me is unknown but exciting. It’s time for me to venture out on my own and find myself in a new place.

Graduation was one of the happiest yet saddest days. I was finally receiving my diploma, after twelve years of hard work; I was getting ready to pursue my dreams at college. Yet, college is scary and foreign territory. I think, though, I’m ready for a new challenge, a way for me to push myself and achieve my goals.

However, there are 5 things I’ll miss about my high school (boarding school version):

  1. Talking to your friends that live down the hall from you.
  2. Ordering late night pizza and drowning your sorrows with conversation and food.
  3. Never worried about missing class because your roommate would wake you up.
  4. Going on spontaneous photo shoots around campus.
  5. Having food stocked up in your dorm room, available to eat at any moment.

So, as the doors of high school close, the gates of college open. It’s a new adventure: whatever you make of it.


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Oh, happy day 

Today, I’m coming at you with more summer outfit inspiration. For this look, I’m wearing blue shorts from Dry Barn, a rust colored tee from Forever 21, and black sandals from Macy’s. This outfit is a perfect daytime look:)



It’s finally summer break for me, so that means crop tops and shorts. My first outfit post for summer 2017 consists of black and white colors. I went to the mall with my family and wore a black and white striped, off the shoulder, top, black high waisted shorts, and mauve sandals. The outfit is perfect for a casual evening. 

Top: TJMaxx

Shorts: Charlotte Russe

Sandals: Marshalls (I think)


I R E L A N D 

Ireland. The Emerald Isle. One of the most beautiful places I have ever visited.

I was fortunate to visit Ireland for a school trip with some of my closest friends. On our ten day trip, we went backpacking through the country, visiting the sights, conversing with the people, and tasting the delicious food. We visited Dublin, Ballintoy, Portrush, and Newgrange. We went hiked Giant’s Causeway, saw the hexagonal rocks, and surfed the clear Irish waters. After hiking about 65 miles, traveling to 4 cities, and living in 1 backpack, I can easily say that this country was one of my favorite travel destinations ever. If you ever have the chance to visit Ireland, I hope you take because it is truly an incredible place.

I hope these pictures show you a glimpse of my adventures.