Making My Way Downtown (Indy)

~Making my way downtown walking fast, Faces pass and I’m home bound~

While Indianapolis, IN (aka Indy) may not be the ideal downtown city feel I’d want, it has the perfect amount of the city feel that I need to escape from my hometown. With restaurants and cafes, a mall and boutiques, and state monuments and parks, it’s perfect for eating, shopping, and exploring.

For brunch or an afternoon snack, try an acai bowl from Greenleaf Juicing Company. I got a Sunrise acai bowl that filled me up for the afternoon. There are also a ton of cute cafes and restaurants that cater to any food lover.

In the summertime, biking is a must. My friend and I went for a bike ride around the city. In Indy, you can rent bikes for up to 30 minutes for free, so might as well use that time to the fullest. While I had been to downtown Indy before, I never had seen the monuments that seemed to replicate those of D.C.



After biking around, hit up the mall or grocery stores to escape the heat. We went to Whole Foods and the Circle Center Mall to do some retail therapy. I finally found the perfect white shorts from H&M that I had been looking all over for!

For dinner, there are a lot of classy and fun restaurant options. I went to Union 50 with some friends and had some of the best bread and bruschetta! We then drove to The Chocolate Factory for delicious ice cream to cool us down in the warm weather.

Indy may not have the hustle and bustle of New York, the tall skyscrapers and bridges of Chicago, or the palm trees and tourist spots of L.A., but it has the simple yet adventurous spirit for anyone to enjoy.

xo, Ritika

instagram: ritika.mehta

twitter: ritikamehta_


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