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I’m currently living not so extravagantly in Indianapolis for the next two weeks. With not much to do, I took the opportunity to explore Broad Ripple, Indiana, a trendy town 20 minutes from me.

One of the most sought out destinations in Broad Ripple is the Cake Bake Shop, a pink, French extravaganza nestled among commonplace restaurants and houses. The pastry shop appeared on Oprah’s O List and has quickly sky rocketed in popularity. With a diverse spread of specialty desserts and a French atmosphere to accompany anyone’s sweet tooth, it was the ideal way for me to spend my afternoon. After indulging on barely half of what seemed like a pound of cookie dough cake, my friends and I decided to get some real food, i.e. burgers, and then walk around to digest the insane amount of calories we had just devoured.

We walked on the trail that ran through the city and explored some of the boutiques that lined the narrow roads. The city was lively and simply felt like a great summer town to be in.

Shirt: Hollister; Shorts: Dry Barn; Shoes: Steve Madden

With ice cream shops, brunch locations, and photo ops around town, it is the perfect way to spend the afternoon! I would definitely recommend going to:

  1. The Cake Bake Shop: perfect to cure a sweet tooth
  2. Brics Ice Cream Station: delicious ice cream for all
  3. Cafe Patachou: the ideal brunch spot
  4. Pitaya: a chic, fashion-forward boutique
  5. The Trail: simply walk around to get a feel for the town

I can’t wait for my next visit, and I hope you all can enjoy the town as much as I did.

xo, Ritika


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