marchin’ into spring

It’s March and the weather is finally starting to feel warmish. I decided to march into spring (see what I did there;)), with one of my favorite outfits that I’ve worn so far!

Hopping on the whole wear-cabby-hat-and-feel-trendy bandwagon, I experimented with the oh so popular cabby hat in this outfit. I’m wearing a military green sweater from TJMaxx, embroidered jeans from TJMaxx, a cabby hat from Macy’s, and my white sneakers from Charlotte Russe. Trendy-chic is the way to go with this outfit!

sweater (similar one)


cabby hat (different color)


Playing with prints and accessories has been so fun for me lately. I would definitely recommend TJMaxx and Macy’s for inexpensive, yet versatile pieces that you can incorporate into your wardrobe. Including texture is definitely something I want to play with in my style!

This coming week, be sure to follow me on Instagram, to check out my ~travels~. I’m going on an exciting trip for Spring Break, and will be updating my Instagram and posting a travel diary soon:))

xo, ritika

Instagram: @ritika.mehta


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