Chicago, Illinois 7:05am

Okay, this is actually crazy. I’m sitting in my hotel room in the Windy City about to take a shuttle to O’hare International Airport so I can fly to… wait for it… THAILAND!

We are a month into the new year, and I’m literally flying to freaking THAILAND for my cousin’s wedding. How insane?!?! I told you guys that I had a lot of adventures and travels planned for this year, and I’m so happy to be sharing the first with you. I rang in the new year in Africa, and now I’ll be entering February in Thailand!

Today I’m flying out of Chicago and tonight I’ll reach Seoul, South Korea for my layover. Then, tomorrow, I’ll finally be bathing in the 90 degree weather in BANGKOK, THAILAND!!


I’m so so lucky and excited to be able to go on this trip. A week of relaxation, amazing food, hype parties, and good ‘ol family time. It’s going to be incredible, to say the least.

Seoul, South Korea 5:23pm

After 14 hours in the air watching soo many movies, eating too much airplane food for my liking, and sleeping about 0 hours, I’m finally in Seoul!

Bangkok, Thailand, 11:30pm

We have finally reached Thailand! Our final destination is actually Hua Hin, which is a 3 hour drive from the airport. Hua Hin is BEAUTIFUL. The hotel we stayed at was overlooking the beach and there were pools attached to our rooms (like what?!).

I have to say, the entire wedding was amazing. Below is a my time in Thailand told in pictures:

If you get chance, go to Thailand to experience its beauty and culture. It’s absolutely breath-taking! stay tuned for my next adventure (hint: think beaches and sunny days)

xo, ritika


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