Baby, it’s cold outside

I came back from my travels in Africa to embrace the bitter cold in the good ol’ midwest. Negative temperatures are the best, aren’t they? NOT!!!

But, since there’s not much I can do about the frigid cold, I thought, why not take my jacket off and take pictures? Great idea, am I right?

While I might have frozen my butt off, I have some cute outfit ideas that you can layer underneath your winter jackets. Here are three outfit ideas, ranging from comfy to casual:)

#1: Snow Bunny

The perfect cozy winter outfit is this one! I’m wearing a super cozy VS PINK pullover, black jeans, hoop earrings (because I’m that extra), and my fuzzy winter boots. This pullover is literally THE SOFTEST thing I have ever worn.

#2: Greyed Out

Neutrals are kinda my thing. For a nice, casual outfit, I’m wearing a choker-style, grey sweater, the same hoop earrings, and black jeans. This outfit is more dressed up and has a funky feel to it.

#3: Black | White

Ok, so I may have lied before about the VS PINK pullover being the softest thing ever, because this sweater from TJMax is so. freaking. cozy. Stepping back into the comfy outfit ideas section, I’m dressed in a black and white knit sweater, my same black jeans, and hoop earrings. This is the perfect out for when you want to look like you tried hard, but are literally so warm and soft.

I hope you got some outfit inspiration from these three easy-to-create outfits. Be sure to check out my Instagram for more outfit and lifestyle inspiration (I’m always on my insta).

~xo, ritz


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