One of the main attractions where I live is a retro ice cream/food joint. The outside of the restaurant is covered in murals and highway signs, with fake tractors and trucks surrounding the place. To fit the vibe, there are two fake gas pumps near the entrance. Heading inside, an array of ice cream flavors and fried food options greet you. The inside walls are filled with an assortment of light up signs and more highway decor. Fake coca-cola machines and a jukebox add to the retro feel. The cute restaurant is usually packed around lunch hour, but my friend and I managed to take plenty of pictures (mostly without embarrassing ourselves – but that's what you do for an insta, am I right?).

Sidenote, make sure to follow my main Instagram account, @ritika.mehta, and my blog account, @sinfullychic_, to check out more photos from the shoot.

Anyways, this was my friend's first time coming to eat here, and she loved it. We both got ice cream and fries – so healthy, I know. I ate a delicious scoop of graham cracker chocolate ice cream with a side order of fries. We decided to sit outside because the place was too cute not too. After chatting and eating, we took out the DSLR camera and started clicking away.

Let me tell ya, photo shoots with your friends are seriously so much fun. You get to spend time together AND get some bomb Instagram posts for your feed. I first took pictures of me and my fries, obviously, and then went for a coffee/café vibe.

It was getting pretty hot outside, so we took our shoot inside. I posed next to the fun, retro decor while adults and kids watched my friend snap pictures with her big camera. Kind of awkward, but worth it. We alternated taking photos of each other and returned outside because the lighting was amazing. I found a fun Coca-Cola sign, a perfect brick wall, and two fake gas pumps to take pictures with. It was so much fun posing and hanging out with my friend!

Outfit Details:

For my outfit, I wore a denim skirt and a purple off the shoulder top, both from Forever 21. I kept the outfit simple by wearing black flip flops from Charlotte Russe and my gold bar necklace.

~xo ritz


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