A Chill Day

Living in a small town, there’s not much to do. My cousin was in town, so I decided to take her to the downtown area. Of course, the day we went, it was practically deserted, with only a few elderly people strolling around. We wanted to check out this cute cafe, but it was closed (why does this happen to me). Near the cafe, there was a bright colored mural, so we decided to take some cute pictures. The wall complemented my outfit perfectly.

I wore black shorts from H&M, a tank top from Macy’s, and my usual black bag.

After taking a million pictures, we head out to the nearest gas station to buy slushies. The weather felt like a 100 degrees so we quickly went back to my house to watch some PLL. I know, I know, I’m late on watching it. It was a rather chill day.

~xo, ritz


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