G R A D U A T I O N 

High school is over. It’s time for new beginnings and new adventures. What awaits me is unknown but exciting. It’s time for me to venture out on my own and find myself in a new place.

Graduation was one of the happiest yet saddest days. I was finally receiving my diploma, after twelve years of hard work; I was getting ready to pursue my dreams at college. Yet, college is scary and foreign territory. I think, though, I’m ready for a new challenge, a way for me to push myself and achieve my goals.

However, there are 5 things I’ll miss about my high school (boarding school version):

  1. Talking to your friends that live down the hall from you.
  2. Ordering late night pizza and drowning your sorrows with conversation and food.
  3. Never worried about missing class because your roommate would wake you up.
  4. Going on spontaneous photo shoots around campus.
  5. Having food stocked up in your dorm room, available to eat at any moment.

So, as the doors of high school close, the gates of college open. It’s a new adventure: whatever you make of it.


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  1. Yasmin says:

    Congrats and beautiful pictures!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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