It’s prom season!!

This year I had my senior prom. I went with my best friends and had such a memorable time. This past Saturday all my friends came over to my house to get glammed up for prom! I got my hair curled that morning and my nails painted a few days before that.

After getting ready for prom, my friends and I took pictures in my backyard. My sister was my ‘personal photographer,’ which was great to have because she took some amazing pictures (thanks girl). After a million pictures, we headed to a nearby area where there was a gazebo and beautiful flowers. We took many more pictures here, which turned out so pretty and a way for me to remember the night by.

We then headed to dinner at a local country club and had a great meal with each other. After (finally) getting our checks and paying, we headed to prom!!

I danced the night away with my friends to I Spy, Cupid Shuffle, and countless Beyonce songs. We left around 11:45 and headed back to our dorms to get ready for after-prom!

After-prom was a BLAST! I went rock climbing, rolled around in those guinea pig balls, did a “Wipeout-esque” game, took one to many polaroid pictures, and ate delicious great nachos and cheese. Senior prom was an amazing night that I got spend with my favorite people:)

Dress: Macy’s


I’m not sure what we were doing:)




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