When in Rome…

…do as the Romans do. At least, that’s how the saying goes. I don’t think I abided by it. But that’s beside the point.

I can’t wait to tell you about my last few days in Italy in one of my favorite city’s I have ever visited: ROME.

Roma, Roma, Roma.

A city full of rich history, beautiful and intricate architecture, and too many fountains to even count. I guess you could say I got obsessed with Rome after watching When in Rome, the Mary-Kate and Ashley version (I was and kinda still am in love with MK and A’s movies). So, after seeing their fashion internship take them all over Rome, from the Spanish Steps to the Trevi Fountain to photogenic pizzeria’s, I was ecstatic to see what Rome would have to offer me. And let me tell ya, Rome did not disappoint.

Day 1: Shopping, shopping, and you guessed it, more shopping

We started our adventure on a morning train ride through the countryside. The train took us from Florence to Rome. Upon reaching Rome, we put our bags in our hotel and got ready to explore. We first went to the Spanish Steps, because that’s where all the shops are, duh. We ate pizza and pasta, ya know, the usual, and then went to browse the hundreds of shops that lined the narrow alleyways of Rome. After going into stores I could not even afford, we finally stopped by Zara and H&M.

Let me give you the inside scoop: Italian Zara is AMAZING. The clothes are different and oh so chic. I purchased a black leather dress and an adorable mauve colored cross body. Italian shops do not disappoint. After shopping for many hours, we went to see the Trevi Fountain (giving me major Mary Kate and Ashley vibes) and it was serene and mesmerizing.

For my outfit: I wore black jeans (Macy’s), my favorite booties (Meijer), a chambray shirt (Aeropostale), a black vest (not sure), pink sunglasses (Forever 21), and a floral printed scarf (a gift).

Day 2: The Vatican (my Inferno (the book-converted-to-movie by Dan Brown) dreams coming true!!)

After reading Dan Brown novels, like Inferno and The Da Vinci Code, the Vatican was a definite must see and had a high place on my bucket list. (Actually, on the 12-hr plane ride to Italy, I watched Inferno so I could be prepared for all touring Italy and especially the Vatican.) The Vatican is actually another country, so I got to visit two countries on this trip! Pretty cool, huh?

I had been to a couple churches in Venice, but nothing could compare to the beauty and magnificence of St. Peter’s Basilica. The murals, tapestries, sculptures, and handiwork was extraordinary. We took a guided tour of the Vatican and afterwards walked up the 500 or so (that may be a stretch, considering we got elevator tickets, so we had to walk only 300ish steps; oops) steps to the top to get an arial view of Rome. I was in awe of how far Rome stretched our and the beauty of it. I fell in love with every rusted, tattered building, areas of open land, and the tiny people walking in their city.

After exploring the Vatican, we went to, what is known as, one of the BEST gelateria’s in Rome. walking through the front door, their were so many newspaper cut outs of famous reviews for it, and the gelato definitely lived up to its highly regarded name. Me, being a chocolate lover, got a delicious chocolate combo of chocolate and chocolate chip (kind of basic but heaven to me).

For my outfit: I wore black jeans (Macy’s), my favorite booties (Meijer), a cold shoulder, striped top (TJMaxx), jean jacket (TJMaxx), and pink sunglasses (Forever 21).

Day 3: I visit the Colosseum!!

I got to visit and tour the Colosseum my last in Italy/Rome. This day reminded me of Percy Jackson (even though they did not mention it in the book). The Colosseum is really an incredible piece of architecture, still stable after hundreds of years. I got some amazing shots of the Colosseum, as well! Afterwards, we went to do some last minute shopping. I got a super cute and chic beige trench-style coat, which I have been wanting for such a long time. We got dinner, some more gelato, and ended the day relaxing and talking.

Italy, you were amazing. I made the best lifelong memories with my family and friends. Traveling is the a way to remember the past, explore the present, and make way for the future. I am so fortunate to have traveled to this beautiful country and absolutely enjoyed every moment of the trip.

For my outfit: I wore black jeans (Macy’s, and if you can’t tell, I LIVE in my black jeans), my favorite booties (Meijer), a cold shoulder, colorful top (Macy’s), jean jacket (TJMaxx), pink sunglasses (Forever 21), and a dainty necklace (Urban Outfitters).


Hope you all enjoyed my trilogy of blog posts on Italy:)





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