F L O R E N C E: the city of art

Next stop…FLORENCE!!

Stepping into Florence, I saw art, architecture, and city life all around me. We only spent one full day here-going to museums and exploring the extraordinary city. Walking the vine-covered alleyways and stepping in and out of museums, we trekked around the beautiful city of Florence.


We went to two different art museums, where we saw the works of Michelangelo and the Statue of David. For the day, I wore black jeans, a a rust, suede tank top over a black turtleneck, and my jean jacket. I wore my favorite booties and a simple necklace. Below are pictures of the museums we went to.


We ended the day like every other day, eating gelato. There were gelaterias upon gelaterias in Florence, with pounds of ice cream at each store. The gelato was delicious!!


This wraps up Florence, the second leg of our Italian adventure. Now on to the last few days in Rome. Rome was my favorite city in Italy, and I miss it so much. Hope you are excited to hear about it!



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