Venice Outfit/Travel Diary

We started off our Italian adventure in Venice, Italy, home to gondolas, history, and the best pasta, pizza, and gelato. We stayed in Venice for three days and explored St. Marks Square, the beautiful churches, and devoured the ever tasty food.

It was amazing getting to explore one of the capitals of fashion, taking fun pictures, and putting together outfits.

So, here it goes, day 1:

DSC00145.JPGDSC00127.JPGDSC00174.JPGOur fist day in Italy.

We arrived at the airport and took a water taxi to our hotel, which was so cool as I had always seen these cool boats in movies (i.e. Inferno) and NOW I WAS IN ONE!!! When we reached, we walked around rainy Venice for several hours and ate at the cutest pizza place as we looked at the rain pouring outside of the windows. We also walked to Piazza San Marco, or St. Mark’s Square.For my first day, I wore a light pink turtleneck. black jeans, and grayish brown booties. The outfit was chic and comfortable, perfect for Italy. Venice was absolutely beautiful; it was so fun to walk around there.

Day 2: Murano and Burano: the most colorful places in Italy

DSC00370.JPGDSC00278.JPGDSC00279.jpgDSC00381.JPGDSC00192.JPGDSC00346.JPGDSC00229.JPGDSC00244.jpgDSC00417.JPGDSC00326.JPGExploring Burano and Murano was mesmerizing. The colorful buildings, intricate architecture, and clear waters made the day absolutely memorable. It was again a little chilly, so I put on a white turtleneck sweater, ripped boyfriend jeans, and my favorite ankle boots. We ate the most delicious gelato and the BEST CANNOLI EVER. My obsession with food, especially dessert, was taken to a whole new level.

Day 3: Time to leave Venice:( But first, gondola rides!!!DSC00441.JPGDSC00453.JPGDSC00494.JPG

For our last day in Venice, we ended on high note. We went on a gondola ride (a must do for Venice, I’d say)! Even though it may be a little bit overrated, I had to go on it. Who knows the next time I will get this chance? We explored the canal and learned about the rich history of Venice. For the gondola ride, I wore a gray long sleeve shirt, black jeans, ankle boots, and a cute black vest. I added on some round lens, dusty pink sunglasses and a black sling purse to finish the look.

There you have it. My travel/outfit diary for Venice- the first leg of my Italian adventure. Stay tuned for my next stop in Italy!!



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