2017- Dreamin’ Big

New year, new me.


I know people say that this cliche is not true, but sometimes it’s just the motivation you need to keep on pursuing your dreams or figure out what your dreams are. A new year is the time to take on new opportunities and new challenges.

I have so much I hope to do and accomplish this year. This year is going to be full of change for me. I’ll be beginning college, finishing up boarding school/high school, working on my blog, and HOPEFULLY focusing on eating healthy and working out (still working on the last two honestly). But really, I am excited to take on this new year. I hope to go to a college that I love, travel and explore, and make memories with my family and friends. I didn’t exactly write ‘resolutions’ this year, but I did write goals for myself. I’m excited to keep doing what I love and working hard at it.

I feel like it is so important to set goals and have aims for yourself so you can work towards something, rather than working aimlessly. Create a list or a vision board to clearly lay out your plans and hopes for the year. But, be prepared for change. Things are not going to always work out your way, but in end, it will turn out okay. I truly hope all of you achieve your goals and hopes for 2017. Have an AMAZING year:)



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