T’s and such

Shorts and tees meets the new era of style.

This is one of my favorite simple, yet chic outfits. Wearing a cute ‘T’ with a pair of jean shorts. It’s a perfect way to make your outfit seem effortless, but put together.

The tee I’m wearing is from Forever 21, and my pair of jean shorts are from Aeropostale. I love the t-shirt because it literally lists all the cities that I hope to visit. To accessorize, add a statement shoe, like a colorful sneaker or a strappy sandal. I am wearing navy blue sneakers that add a casual, but sophisticated vibe to the outfit.

Don’t forget to add on that arm candy, earrings, and necklace for the overall chic look! I wore a simple gold necklace that complemented the burnt orange color of my tee. Stacking bracelets or wearing one dainty bracelet can pull the whole look together, also. I’m wearing one bracelet from Macy’s that is cream and gold. You can always have a cute hairstyle and makeup look for that specific outfit, too.

My hair is naturally curly, and I use it to create a effortless, messy hair look.

And lastly, wear your outfit with confidence. Have fun playing with patterns and designs to create a unique look for yourself!


IMG_9434.JPGFullSizeRender (4).jpg



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