The Intricities of Fashion

The world of fashion meets the world of me, circa 1999.

My love for fashion transpired through my desire to express myself and showcase myself in unique and different ways. I aspired to connect my passion for fashion with my love for business. I want to share with you new trends, lifestyle tips, and cool ideas.

When I took that picture above, I was in one of the capitals of Fashion: NYC. NYC is my city. The hustle-bustle, the street fashion, and most of all that Big Apple attitude is so catching and inspiring. I saw some amazing style and swag in New York. The street style is filled with leather, floral, cutoff shorts, belts, snapbacks, and so much more. I love dressing chic and sophisticated, but with a spin. I add cool boho prints or unique patterns to make my outfits have texture and a different style. I can’t wait to share more of my fashion ideas and experiences with you.




Spring break came and passed way too fast for me to handle. I’m still reminiscing about sitting in cozy cafes in the main square of Zagreb eating chocolate croissants, living in a house with 12 other crazy, amazing people, and having the opportunity to volunteer with the Croatian Red Cross.

For spring break, I traveled to Zagreb, Croatia through a program called Alternative Break Program at Indiana University. Our group of eleven students and faculty adviser volunteered for the Croatian Red Cross (CRC) to help with the refugee center located in Zagreb. This was an incredibly rewarding experience, as I was able to learn more about the refugee crisis, meet with empowering people working on this issue, and travel to a city I had dreamed of visiting.

On the first day of break, all thirteen of us jetted across the Atlantic Ocean to Zagreb, Croatia. After two plane rides, a lot of mediocre airplane food, and mild jet lag, we reached our final destination on Sunday. We were tired but ready to explore the city. We first got to our hostel and claimed our bedrooms for the week. After (sort of) settling in, we met up with a Red Cross worker who had been of our main points of contact. We all ventured out to the main square to explore and grab some dinner. After walking through streets lined with cafes and restaurants, we went to a Italian restaurant and I ate some bomb homemade pasta.

Every morning, from Monday through Friday, we volunteered at the CRC picking up garbage around the building, cleaning many of the rooms, and compiling hygiene packages for the refugees. I did not truly realize the extent of this crisis until I witnessed first-hand the situation of the asylum seekers and heard some of their stories. While I did not interact with many people there, the people I were able to talk to opened my eyes to the problems that so many people face, but so many people are completely unaware of. Most of our work was to help the employees of the CRC , not so much interacting with the refugees. The work we did was some of the tedious work that Red Cross workers have to do; now that we had done it, they could focus on actually integrating the refugees and meeting their needs. While we may not have a made a direct impact on the refugees, we were able to help the workers of the organization.

I was also able to form relationships with the workers at the CRC. Talking with them and hearing stories of how they started working for the organization was incredible and inspiring. I honestly did not understand the extent to which these individuals care for the work they do and the passion they have for coming in to work every single day until I was able to listen to snippets of their stories.

After volunteering from 8-3 each weekday, we were able to explore the historical and cultural attractions that Croatia boasted. After volunteering each day, we created a tradition to trek to the main square and settle into a cute cafe for coffee, croissants, and a little bit of relaxation. After this daily ritual, we would walk through many of the alleyways that crisscrossed throughout the city, skirting in and out of stores and taking advantage of every photo opportunity with the European style architecture and scenery.

We also visited some ~unique~ museums.

One of them was the Museum of Broken Relationships-sounds so heartwarming, doesn’t it? In this museum, broken hearts and old lovers had sent in memorabilia accompanied by short stories about their personal love stories gone wrong. The museum is meant to heal broken hearts, but to me, it was simply depressing. I have to say, though, it was unique and something different to see. We also delved into the darker parts of our souls and visited the Museum of Torture. It was creepy to say the least. I learned a lot about painful weapons that I hope to never see again or mention.

Aside from checking out some interesting museums, we experienced taking the metro, visited famous historical buildings and went to the Festival of Lights that happened to be taking place in Zagreb. We took the metro to a different part of the city to attend a Red Cross Training session. The people in Zagreb do love their graffiti, as you can see from the metro pics below. We also visited St. Mark’s Church and the Zagreb Cathedral. We climbed a lot of stairs to get to St. Mark’s Church, and on the way, we stopped on a landing too see a view of the whole entire city. Many orange roofs and white cement buildings could be seen from the landing, which looked so so cool. Within the Festival of Lights, we saw beautiful murals on many of the city walls. We walked through tunnels that had lanterns hanging from the ceilings and unique art pieces lining some of the pathways.


Aside from cultural experiences and exploring the nooks and crannies of the city, I ate one too many scoops of gelato, or any other dessert for that matter. From pizzas to pastas to pastries, I definitely loaded up on my carbs this week.

~insert food pics~

On our last day, we went to a coastal town called Rijeka, which was the one of the prettiest towns I have ever seen. In the city, there were cobblestone roads that were lined with small souvenir shops and restaurants and many colorful buildings. While it was raining for most of the day, the city’s beauty was not dulled one bit. This day trip was the perfect ending to an incredible week of volunteering, exploring, and fun times.

Zagreb stole my heart, and I hope it will steal yours one day too.

~xo, ritika

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marchin’ into spring

It’s March and the weather is finally starting to feel warmish. I decided to march into spring (see what I did there;)), with one of my favorite outfits that I’ve worn so far!

Hopping on the whole wear-cabby-hat-and-feel-trendy bandwagon, I experimented with the oh so popular cabby hat in this outfit. I’m wearing a military green sweater from TJMaxx, embroidered jeans from TJMaxx, a cabby hat from Macy’s, and my white sneakers from Charlotte Russe. Trendy-chic is the way to go with this outfit!

sweater (similar one)


cabby hat (different color)


Playing with prints and accessories has been so fun for me lately. I would definitely recommend TJMaxx and Macy’s for inexpensive, yet versatile pieces that you can incorporate into your wardrobe. Including texture is definitely something I want to play with in my style!

This coming week, be sure to follow me on Instagram, to check out my ~travels~. I’m going on an exciting trip for Spring Break, and will be updating my Instagram and posting a travel diary soon:))

xo, ritika

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Chicago, Illinois 7:05am

Okay, this is actually crazy. I’m sitting in my hotel room in the Windy City about to take a shuttle to O’hare International Airport so I can fly to… wait for it… THAILAND!

We are a month into the new year, and I’m literally flying to freaking THAILAND for my cousin’s wedding. How insane?!?! I told you guys that I had a lot of adventures and travels planned for this year, and I’m so happy to be sharing the first with you. I rang in the new year in Africa, and now I’ll be entering February in Thailand!

Today I’m flying out of Chicago and tonight I’ll reach Seoul, South Korea for my layover. Then, tomorrow, I’ll finally be bathing in the 90 degree weather in BANGKOK, THAILAND!!


I’m so so lucky and excited to be able to go on this trip. A week of relaxation, amazing food, hype parties, and good ‘ol family time. It’s going to be incredible, to say the least.

Seoul, South Korea 5:23pm

After 14 hours in the air watching soo many movies, eating too much airplane food for my liking, and sleeping about 0 hours, I’m finally in Seoul!

Bangkok, Thailand, 11:30pm

We have finally reached Thailand! Our final destination is actually Hua Hin, which is a 3 hour drive from the airport. Hua Hin is BEAUTIFUL. The hotel we stayed at was overlooking the beach and there were pools attached to our rooms (like what?!).

I have to say, the entire wedding was amazing. Below is a my time in Thailand told in pictures:

If you get chance, go to Thailand to experience its beauty and culture. It’s absolutely breath-taking! stay tuned for my next adventure (hint: think beaches and sunny days)

xo, ritika

a new year: 2018

Happy New Year!!! (three weeks late, my bad)

2017 came and went. It was an amazing year for me, both personally and professionally. As I embrace 2018, I really want to make the most of this year. I don’t think I fully appreciated all the experiences and events in my life in 2017. I want to better myself, grow, and truly love the life I am living.

As I enter 2018, I have set goals/mindsets for myself that I really want to accomplish.

1. Work hard, play hard.

First semester was a lot of fun for me. I met amazing people, had cool experiences, and worked hard in school. I want to keep that momentum going and take advantage of all the amazing opportunities college provides me. I, of course, want to do really well in academics and pursue my business career. I also want to have experiences with my friends and do unique activities. I want to enjoy college and make the most of it before I enter the so-called “real world.”

2. Pursue passion projects.

Once college started, I solely started focusing on academics and adjusting to college. I didn’t take time to take cool pictures, write more blog posts, or do creative and artsy things simply for myself. I want to change that. I want to write more blog posts, travel more (side note: I have soooo many trips planned this year, and cannot wait to share my adventures with you. I will definitely be posting DOPE pictures, more travel diaries, and a many more videos), and take more pictures. I truly want to do things that I love.

3. Health is wealth.

Yea, yea, I know, everyone literally has the same resolution every year-eat healthy, workout, etc. But, I’m going to say it anyways. Freshman year definitely hit me like a truck in terms of my health. I tried to eat healthy, but when you’re with your friends and living in a city where there are SO many good restaurants, you kinda want to eat junk food, ya know? This year, I simply want to make better choices, not restrict myself per-say, but be more mindful of what I am putting into my body.

4. Dress to impress.

College means rockin’ sweatpants, hoodies, and top knots, which I’m all for. Yet, I want to get back to wearing outfits that make me feel my best, because when I look and feel good, I feel motivated and want to work hard.

5. Create relationships.

College is the time in life where you are going to meet SO many new people, whether it is through classes, clubs, dorms, or work. I really want to meet new people and become friends with people I have looked up to. I cannot wait to make more memories with my friends and have an amazing year!

2018 is another year to pursue your goals and find yourself. Make the most of each day and create a life you LOVE. See you all in my next post:)

xo, ritz

Baby, it’s cold outside

I came back from my travels in Africa to embrace the bitter cold in the good ol’ midwest. Negative temperatures are the best, aren’t they? NOT!!!

But, since there’s not much I can do about the frigid cold, I thought, why not take my jacket off and take pictures? Great idea, am I right?

While I might have frozen my butt off, I have some cute outfit ideas that you can layer underneath your winter jackets. Here are three outfit ideas, ranging from comfy to casual:)

#1: Snow Bunny

The perfect cozy winter outfit is this one! I’m wearing a super cozy VS PINK pullover, black jeans, hoop earrings (because I’m that extra), and my fuzzy winter boots. This pullover is literally THE SOFTEST thing I have ever worn.

#2: Greyed Out

Neutrals are kinda my thing. For a nice, casual outfit, I’m wearing a choker-style, grey sweater, the same hoop earrings, and black jeans. This outfit is more dressed up and has a funky feel to it.

#3: Black | White

Ok, so I may have lied before about the VS PINK pullover being the softest thing ever, because this sweater from TJMax is so. freaking. cozy. Stepping back into the comfy outfit ideas section, I’m dressed in a black and white knit sweater, my same black jeans, and hoop earrings. This is the perfect out for when you want to look like you tried hard, but are literally so warm and soft.

I hope you got some outfit inspiration from these three easy-to-create outfits. Be sure to check out my Instagram for more outfit and lifestyle inspiration (I’m always on my insta).

~xo, ritz


Tsamina mina zangalewa, this time for Africa!

On December 21, 2017, my family and I flew out to Nairobi, Kenya to experience first-hand the natural beauty of the world. We planned a trip unlike anything we had ever experienced. From taking photos of a roaring lion 8 feet away to being chased by a black, female rhino in our Jeep to having a picnic lunch in Maasai Mara amidst zebras and giraffes, we immersed ourselves within the beauty of nature.

For 10 days, my family and I visited various national parks in Kenya and Tanzania, stayed in multiple hotels, and experienced daily game rides (game rides = safari rides). We started off in Nairobi, Kenya, and drove past the border into Tanzania to Ngorongoro Crater. Ngorongoro Crater is a 300sq km wide crater rich with the ‘Big 5’ (elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo, and rhino), wildebeests, zebras, and more animals. We saw groups of zebras crossing the path in front of our Jeep, lions traversing the plains, and birds flying overhead us throughout our drive. We even ate a picnic lunch in our car, in the pouring rain, surrounded by lions cubs walking around us, a memory that I will never forget.

After our drive within the crater, we drove back across the border to Kenya to stay a night at Lake Manyara. While the Lake was a bit dried up, we woke up to a beautiful sunrise and then drove to our next destination, Amboseli National Park, home of the elephants. At Amboseli we saw elephants of all sizes as we drove on the dirt filled roads. As the day progressed, we witnessed lions strategically surrounding zebras to fulfill a kill, hippos lazing around a small water hole, and dead carcasses littered across the plain. Following our escapades in Amboseli, we ventured to Sweetwaters hotel and had a glamping experience. At this hotel, we stayed in structured tents, which didn’t have any locks, only zips to enter and exit through. The hotel was built alongside a watering hole, so as we dined, we were entertained by zebras and gazelles herding around the hole to drink water. During our game drives at Sweetwaters, we saw lions, gazelles, and cheetahs, and most excitingly, were chased by a black rhino, totally not scary or anything. Sweetwaters was probably my favorite place to stay because of its glamping appeal and unique atmosphere.

As we neared the end of our vacation, we visited Lake Naivasha, the land of the hippos. We stayed in little cottages by the huge lake filled with birds and hippopotamuses. At night, the hippos would be resting in our backyards! We went on a boat ride in the lake, seeing hippos, pelicans, and gazelle, encompassed by mountainous terrain in the background. It was a beautiful and scenic view.


We finished off our trip at Maasai Mara, one of the foremost parks to see the Big 5 or any other animals. Maasai was my favorite park by far, specifically due to its varied terrain, numerous wildlife, and beautiful views. We spent a whole day driving through the park. However, it had rained the day prior, so the paths were muddy and probably not the safest, but that made it even more of an adventure. As we rumbled down the muddied paths, we saw a roaring lion and a lioness with her cubs. We traversed through muddy ditches to explore other sides of the plain, where we witnessed a leopard munching on its prey, a gazelle. Surrounding the leopard and gazelle were multiple hyenas and vultures (i.e. scavengers) anxiously awaiting to devour the remains of the gazelle once the leopard left. It was so interesting to see the dynamics within animals in the wild! In Maasai, we ate a picnic lunch under a tree surrounded by giraffes and zebras, how freaking cool?!


We left Maasai Mara the next day and began our journey back home to America. It was bittersweet leaving the warm weather only to be greeted by snow and bitter cold temperatures.

I have to say, I had a frican good time in Africa.

xo, ritz

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fall to winter.

While it is winter, the weather is still crisp and cool. The outfit I am wearing is a fall to winter transition outfit perfect for the cool weather.

For my outfit, I wore a trench coat I found in Italy, the softest black turtleneck from Aeropostale, my new favorite pair of jeans from American Eagle, and my staple booties from Macy’s. The outfit is chic and perfect for the cool, crisp weather!